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Narcolepsy / ADHD

Narcolepsy term stands for a permanent disease of the nervous system. In scientific reports it is described as unexpected and unregulated, though often short, onsets of deep sleep. On some occasions palsy and delusions can occur at the same time as well. The reason for such state is the brain’s failure to manage sleep and wake rounds.

Patients, who were diagnosed with narcolepsy, may feel acute assaults of repose at various unpredictable times during the day. In case the impulse gets overpowered, sufferers will drop off for periods from a few moments to some minutes. In rare occasions, some of them may keep sleeping for hours.

Scientists add another three indications, which describe the disease:

  • cataplexy state, or a unexpected deprivation of muscle strength and tone;
  • severe onsets of hallucinations during the nap;
  • short-term incidents of total body apoplexy at any moment of the sleeping assault.

Generally, this disturbance cannot be accurately detected until patients become at least 15 years of age. Thereby, the first signs of the sickness appear in the adolescent age.

Despite to general thoughts, sufferers with this sickness do not sleep longer than usual sleepers. As well as sleepiness and unregulated sleep assaults during the day hours, most patients also have bad sleep quality. In some cases, quick unconscious walking during the night time may happen.

Until now there are certain sicknesses, which remain unknown to science. Unfortunately, the reason of narcolepsy is unknown nowadays as well, and doctors keep on the research. Most probably, this disorder activates different neurological processes incorrectly. In this way, defective function of the nervous system and sleep violations show up. From the other side, some scientists mention genetic and environmental reasons, which impact on the immune protective system in the organism.

How to recognize indications of narcolepsy?

General signs of the malady are alike with a few neurological complications. Thus, it can take years to distinguish narcolepsy in sufferers. The below indications are ordinarily counted by doctors while discovering the disease:

  1. Excess somnolence during the day hours, combined with suppressing feelings of fatigue. It can appear as lapses in memory, and inability to concentrate on routine activities.
  2. Unstable sleeping at night, disturbed with often awakenings.
  3. Short naps for a few moments and sleep assaults.
  4. Unexpected temporal paralysis of the body, or cataplexy. These episodes can happen at any moment while sufferers are wakeful.
  5. Acute hallucinations at any time of the nap.
  6. Most of patients can gain much weight at once. It is one of the basic indications and a side effect simultaneously. Further, obesity can be precluded with adequate drug treatment for narcolepsy.

Moreover, the malady is detected through a sleep study and medical tests in special clinical conditions.

Cure the disease with narcolepsy medications

As narcolepsy sickness has a certain number of causing factors, medical advisors recommend to cure just some of them. Such way of cure has shown its efficiency and let patients feel alleviation of the state.

In 1999 specialists of The FDA have approved a kind of antidepressant medication called Modafinil. The successful medical checks have proved that this remedy can cure the main condition – excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS). As well, other two groups of antidepressant remedies were advised for the therapy: tricyclics (Protriptyline, Desipramine, Imipramine, and Clomipramine), as well as SSRI drugs Sertraline and Fluoxetine.

The drug treatment for narcolepsy can be complemented by some changes in behavior. As an instance, sufferers can set a schedule for short naps. It should be organized at times when they incline to have a nap. On the other hand, patients should improve sleeping during the night time in order to fight with EDS and severe fatigue during the day. As well, medicians advise to avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine-containing liquids at least 3-4 hours before the bedtime.

Apart from above mentioned drugs, narcolepsy medications include Xyrem as well. Second name of this medicine is sodium oxybate, and it was approved by the FDA in 2002. Since 2005 it is successfully applied for healing EDS attacks in narcolepsy.

Each separate case of the disease should be investigated counting overall state of the health. Every individual can obtain various results from the same medicine, as narcolepsy may have numerous reasons. Thus, only your medical advisor can define which therapy will heal you better.

Summing up the above facts, narcolepsy medications are all analeptics, which helps to simulate the sick organism. Patients can discover that some pills provide better effects than others. Thereby, your physician can ordain some kinds of drugs for each special case.

Useful tips about modifications of the lifestyle

Individuals, who suffer from this diagnosis, can arrange certain changes in their lifestyle while on drug treatment for narcolepsy. These steps can affect on common symptoms and refine the quality of everyday life. When a person decides to stay involved in the therapy, he/she feels more control over the disease. General recommendations include:

  1. Practice sleeping schedule at night in established hours in order to obtain a regular sleeping.
  2. Avoid or limit food, drinks, alcohol beverages and tobacco, which have stimulating effects 3-4 hours before the bedtime or daily naps.
  3. Make regular physical exercises in order to develop strong organism and refine metabolism processes.
  4. Choose outdoor activities which help to receive more sunlight. As per scientific studies, natural or simulated sunlight activates serotonin and norepinephrine production. These brain compounds let people feel positively and stay awake.
  5. Get used to plan and schedule all your snoozes as well as other activities in order to organize your life better.
  6. Some individuals find it beneficial to get aid in special narcolepsy support groups in medical centers. It helps to speak about issues, share stories and essential information.

Which alternative cure can be used for narcolepsy?

Scientific researchers have detected that some patients prefer non-traditional ways of healing some medical states. Alternative cure may include herbal substances and remedies, prayer practice, meditation classes, acupuncture therapy, sessions of massage and physical manipulations. In some occasions these tools may provide healing effects on separate diseases or their indications. Nevertheless, some extra care is required if you decide to use the above ways of healing. Always discuss with your medician and select the best medical choice for your sickness state.